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At Joint Effort, we do not use the terms “Cost”, “Price” or “Rate” when describing our membership.  We use the term “investment” because frankly, it just makes more sense.

Just like you make investments to improve your home and financial health, choosing to become a member of Joint Effort is an investment to improve your overall health and the way you look, feel, and function in life.

With that being said, the monthly investment’s our members make in their health varies on the following factors:
– Goals
– Limitations
– Schedule
– Frequency of use
– Programming structure
– Health insurance
Without this information, we unfortunately cannot provide you with the exact amount of your investment and apologize for the inconvenience but below is a range of what current members pay and the percentage of members who pay that amount:
Current members:
– $0 per session for our insurance covered options (Approx. 10%)
– $5.00 to $15.00 per session (Approx. 75%)
– $15 to $22 per session (Approx. 10%)
– $45 and $85 per session for one-on-one private training (< 5%)
Please remember, ALL members are provided with a personalized exercise prescription that has been designed specifically for them based on their current goals, capabilities, and limitations by a highly educated and experienced exercise physiologist.
Members are supervised 100% of the time by these highly educated and experienced exercise professionals who are there to:
– Help to adjust equipment
– Ensure members are exercising with proper form and intensity
– Answer any questions that arise related to their personalized exercise prescriptions
– Create and effective, yet enjoyable exercise experience
I want to remind you of all of this because we are NOT a:
– Traditional exercise class where all members do the same exercises regardless of goals or limitations,
– Standard gym membership that gives you access to equipment but no supervision or guidance.
With that being said, it is more than likely that you will fall into the $5 to $15 per session range, unless your membership would be covered by your insurance or you prefer to have one-on-one, private training, and you get ALL of the SERVICES listed above.
The only way to know for sure is to have a brief, 10 – 15 minute phone conversation to determine which structure would be best for you.
If you’re still interested in learning more, please fill out the form below with the best time and phone number to reach you tomorrow and a member of our team will gladly do so!
Thank you for your time!