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Tight Schedule? NO PROBLEM!

Tight Schedule? NO PROBLEM!

This 30 minute, interval style training class is designed for those on a tight schedule who are looking to lose weight, tone up and finally start feeling better about themselves again.

This program maintains the Joint Effort style of having a exercise prescription that is designed for your needs and current capabilities, but is timed and coached by one of our certified exercise physiologists to ensure that you get a great workout to achieve your specific goals!

We can truly design a program around any physical ailment, but may recommend starting with the “Original” Joint Effort program at a lower intensity to ensure that your body is ready for this style program!




Gym Hours

Monday, Wednesday & Friday

6:30a – 1:00p
1:00p – 3:00p reserved for evaluations
3:00p – 6:00p

Tuesday & Thursday

6:30a – 12:00pm
12:00p – 3:00p reserved for evaluations
3:00p – 6:00p


8:00a – 12:00p