• Stacy Whittaker

  • Exercise Physiologist Assistant

  • Hi! I’m Stacy born and raised here on the Shoreline. I originally came from North Branford and at the age of 9 relocated to Guilford days before my 10th birthday.

    I grew up being jack of all trades. I danced for about 10 years as a child then basketball took over my life. Sports at that time was my life until I realized I don’t have a competitive nature about me. So playing sports became just a hobby I did in my spare time. Soccer, volleyball, tennis, basketball, tag football ect…

    A few years ago, I found my calling as I began taking yoga classes and practicing meditation. Since then, I have been certified as a Reiki 2 practitioner and am currently taking a life coach and mindfulness certificate program to help guide young adults through challenging times in their life.

    Fitness always been there when I needed a way to find my strength. Living with degenerative disc disease and having the ability to run a 5k every day or cycle more than 10 miles gives me the motivation to not give up especially when my body is telling me to. This challenge gives me the opportunity and motivation to help others who suffer with Inflammation and who may be restricted with mobility and flexibility.

    I enjoy exploring nature whether it’s getting lost at the oceans front or running through the woods. Photography has shown me light in a different perspective so when ever I have a chance I take photos to capture the natural beauty of life.